Fundación APOTHECA

APOTHECA is a local non-profit that sustainably recycles capital to invest in local business owners and catalyze community projects through their business.

"Many of us want to help our neighbors; the problem is, most of us are doing it alone."

That’s why we partner with local difference makers by linking our non-profit with their business to provide strategic advantages to grow their business while sustainably caring for their community.

Vision To be one collective of people who care for the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness of others to connect with God.

Mision   To invest in people who are using their work and skills to love and serve others.

Investment Summary

Our first investment is a partnership with a local food market, called A Horta da Avoa, to empower the owners to continue serving the vulnerable in their neighborhood and to save their business from the COVID-19 financial crisis. Through solidarity and using our portion of the profits, we are growing three projects through the partnership:

  1. A garden project to provide local and sustainable produce and create work for at-risk members of the community.
  2. A farmers basket co-op to give city dwellers direct access to support the local farmers of Santiago from their doorstep through a weekly delivery service of farmers' baskets.

Our second investment is an apothecary co-op to make and sell artisanal soap to develop:

  1. Soap-making workshops to stimulate community, connection, and contemplation.
  2. A job for people with disabilities